Letter to Mother from London, England

[King George and Queen Mary’s
Club for the Oversea Forces letterhead
Peel House, Regency Street, Vauxhall Bridge Road, S.W.]

Sept 18th 1916

Dear Mother:–

I should be in bed to night but I wrote a letter to Eula tonight when I should have been writing to you.

I took in Horrods store this A.M. one of the three largest stores in London. It was a great sight 10 times better than T. Eatons

This A.M. I went thru the Kings stables I saw a lot of coach horses but all the saddle horses are out at his summer home some where I can’t remember where. we saw the Kings big carrage which weight 4 ½ tons and took 3 years to complet the building of has been in use for 153 years 24 feet long with out a pole and with the eight cream horses on it 111 feet long. the horses is cold [trined???] and weighs about 100 lbs per horse. There is 6 or 8 lighter carrages that are drawn by 6 bay horse to drive the Freign guests when the visit England I went from there to the Victoria and Albert musium where there is 13 miles of floor to cover and you should cover a lot of it 3 times before you would see every thing right so I stay at it 3 hours and come home to supper. After that I started out for some fun I felt a little good and I made for Regent Park but found when I got close to there that it closed at dusk and I started for Hyde Park There I found to big crowds assembled and I hit for one to my surprise I found it to be the west Methodist mission held in the open air. I stayed and gave my testimony. I felt bad for a while after but I went right away from the crowd and prayed and felt better than ever I felt that I had accomplished some thing because, I got controle of myself and what I wanted to say for the first time in my life, but I think I will get strength to speak yet because I feel I have to it is my duty and I feel so good after I try every time.

Well Mother this ant much of a letter to night but I will have to go to bed as ever your loving son