Letter to Mother from London, England

[letterhead    Harrods Royal Exchange,
Brompton Road,

Sept. 18th, 1016

Dear Mother:

I had a few things to buy so I thot I would buy them in one of the largest stores in great Britain This is one of the 3 largest stores in G.B. I bot a pair of hair clippers and a comb an other of those long rubber ones. last spring I lots one in Moose J. creek so I had to buy an other I broak it not long ago.

I lost my winder off my watch and it is costing me 4 bob to get an other. I have to get a $10.00 bill exchanged to day and they have a big exchange right in the store. this store is only on 3 floors but Mother it is an awful size and the milinery department is some thing that I would like to have you see it is alto gether great. There is monicuring parlors and barbers shops and every thing you could mention right at your hand The carpet between the counters is about 1/2 or 3/4 of an inch thick

Well Mother this is just a note but I must go for I have killed very nearly all A.M. right here in this store as ever your loving son