Letter to Mother from London, England

[King George etc. letterhead]
Sept 20th 1916

Dear Mother:–

I am away for camp again at 6.40 P.M. and I wonder how the time will go after a leave like this when I get back. I feel like going to work again. I would want to get acquanted if I stayed here any longer.

This A.M. I went down to the British and Foreign Bible office and bot a new Bible it cost 3/6 or 84¢ a bout the size of your little red Bible. I have bot a new pen it cost 4/6 or $1.08 but it is short and I don’t think I will break it in my pocket. The ordinary pen is so long that it is easily broaken in ones pocket.

When I get back the trip will cost me about $22.00 it seems a lot I will have to save my money and not go around like this any more because I need the money to pay up things at home I wonder how the crop is come out. I hope it quit raining before the cutting started. It has not rained today but it is cloudy, I have to got to see the Proofs of my pictures this P.M. at 3 I hope they are good or I mean natural of me for I never got a good picture taken before.

I went thru one of the Catholic churches this A.M. and found it fine a lady on the street told me that I should go thru it but at the time I felt I dident have and I told her so, but when she caught her bus, I was till waiting for mine, so I gave it up and went thru the church there were several praying in there but there was not many observers in at the time I was there My pen went dry so I had to go back to the old one after all.

I would just like to take time to sit in the cosy chairs by the fire place here think of home for a while but I havent had time since I have been here to sit in one for two minuits I don’t get in till late and then I want to write and go to bed, and all day there is so much to see that I can’t take time to sit around here. I read for a few minuits yesterday but today I think I will keep on the moove. I have about 3 miles to walk when I hit Milford before I get home. but that don’t bother me any. Our dinners cost use 1/- or 24¢ They consist of meat a big order potatoes and green vegetables of some kind and bread. The English people never use butter at noon but bread and milk, water, or tea, and a big plate of any of three kinds of pudding there fruit and custard pudding is very good. They do feed use great here. Well Mother dear I must quit for this time as ever your loving son


I like to write often now because I realize that there is a time coming when you won’t here from me very often at its best.