Letter to Mother from Witley South Camp

Witley South Camp Oct. 1st 1916

Dear Mother:

I had a time to day and I enjoyed just a little of our English hospitality. Stanley and I went to Milford to Congregational church S.S. at 2.45 then we were asked out to tea seven of use. I thot it was to many but the young lady that asked use said the Lady would be badly put out if we did not all go. So we all went beside seven soldiers there was the son in law and wife four girls, the Old folks about 65 yrs. old have 6 sons at the front one has not been heard of for 9 mo and then only a card from Turkey The mother was telling me about it after church to night and she said I hope and pray my boy will come back and he will, I will never give up he will be back

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to, and the other one may be or not I don’t know she is a SS. Superentendent and keeps the school going. They use use all so good just like as tho we were brothers or sons. The girls have jobs they are away all week and come to Milford on Saturday night. Well good night Mother dear as ever your loving son Laurie.

Dear Mother it is 6.30 a.m. I have been up an hour and shined my buttons and shaved and am waiting for breakfast bugol to go. Our time was changed on the 1st one hour back so we get up by daylight again now. There was another air raid we stood to at about 12.30 K. but just dressed and went to bed again. We are just as comfortable here as we need to be at home or any where, we don’t ever get cold in bed we don’t need an other thing, we get all the coal we need to burn, and every thing is nice.

One of the boys is shining his shoes on the end of this bench that I am sitting on and it don’t help my writing any at all

I don’t seem to be able to write this early in the morning any way.

The last thing after church the old lady wanted use to promise that would all com back to tea again the next Sunday evening. I guess we will have to go.

The talk in the soldiers at Sunday S. class is good and should be of a great help to use. but the boys of about 8 to 13 years are a fright they just whisper and laugh all the time, but I think some of use boys will be able to change them before we pull out for good.  


I have a few minuits before I fall in to drill. It started to rain this a.m. before breakfast but if it rains we have lectures and Phy. drill inside there is lots of room. They say they got one zeplin last night but we don’t know if the news is official or not. Our Cornel is supposed to have been made Brigadere General and our Regimental Sergeant Major was made Brigade Serg. Major

I don’t know what to write about I have started to write a letter to Clive but I havent got it finished yet. Well I will have to stop again I have a letter ready for you in my jacket but I didnt have a chance to register it so could not send it untill I did. I want you to be sure and get the films inclosed

1 P.M.

It is just such a steady slow down poor if you know what that is. We an’t careing at all how long it keeps up for we are dry and warm and have between fall ins boxing and etc.

I had the gloves on twice this a.m. and had lots of fun. We had Physical drill, Trench lecture twice and message passing we all sit on the floor before our Major and he gives use the lecture there is a major for every company and we split into half co’y to take Phy. drill I got a chance to send the registered letter so it is on its way to the

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