Letter to Teddy from Witley South Camp

[Y.M.C.A. “Active Service” letterhead] 
#782373 D 128th
Witley South Camp
Milford, Surrey, Eng.
Oct. 14th 1916

Dear Teddy:– 

I have been up to Tin Town to buy a writing pad and just came back here as far as the Y.M.C.A. hut where I thot I would write you a letter or someone a letter and when I sat down I thot of you.

 I was out for a walk to day after dinner, but did not have any luck in finding the road that I wanted to find to get to Hindhead there is several things of interest on this trail so today I wanted to take it in. Several of the Bars are closed to the soldiers now and there happened to be two on this Hindhead road so they put police on the road to turn use back well we tried to go around and could not do it with a big delay, so we just came home after we got on to the road about two miles the other side of the police. Stanley and Tom Miller were with me we have been together quite a bit lately Tom is a good boy but still he don’t make any profession of any thing. I put in a pass for tomorrow A.M. off so I could go to Milford to church but I made a mistake and put 14th in stead of 15th on it. I may not get it but if I don’t It is all right any way. I will go to S.S. and church in P.M. and evening.

I tried about six or more pens before I got one that I could keep from taking a header into the paper but this one out side of stumbling once in a while goes all write. It is just a little like Belle te. he.

Say Ted you have got to get busy and learn to write a better hand this winter so I want you to write to me about every day and copy the letter about twice so as you will improve on every copy, what do you say. How are you coming along with the men that are looking for money this fall Just write and tell them the truth about how you are fixed and tell them just what you can do, but write them all if you can and let them know that you mean business, It would be fine to have one of the poneys here for a week any time to ride nights, but it is getting dark so early these nights that one can not do much out after six oclock. I have entended to send some birthday cards to who ever has a birthday this month but I have never got around to looking up my book to see who has a birthday. but I think that you are one and the other one I can’t say who it is any way. I surely sincerely wish them many happy returns of the day and do hope and pray that they have many such years and better years if possible.

There are more Batt. turning up every week you know maby that this is a Canadian camp there was a lot of English boys here when we hit but they have all been moved out up into Wales somewhere and are under canvas I wonder if they don’t envy use in there good snug huts and them in the tents like we had at Camp Hughes

There is lots of blackberries on the vines yet. I had a great old feed again to day. They go good and they don’t cost a fellow any thing at all.

I wonder what will happen out there this winter I suppose that as many more will enlist as did last year and things will come that much closer to a stand still but nothing like they are here. The only trubble out there is we havent got the girls like they have here to take the place of the men

I beleave more and more that old Germany will colapse with an awful big and sudden tumble when she does go and if can’t years I don’t think. Well Ted two years ago I never thot I would eat a Xmas dinner in the trench, but I think I will now, Do you know that some of the boys from around here have gone out to the front with 10 weeks training an’t that a fright. Well I realize that there is a lot of things that I need months of training on yet so what about those poor boys. it is pitiable to here the mothers tell the story of there boys, we know nothing about it yet with only, me over wait and think what it would have been like if we had have all four gone and Mother and Alice stayed on the farm to make an exestence any way they could that is the way the mothers are used here and the children are put in homes untill after the war. They call the places where these wemon go work houses I don’t know what they work at maby amunitions.

Well my little pall and brother it will all come right some day and remember that I am praying for you all each day remember no matter what ever happens in life never forget God. And put forth every effort you can to learn to live closer to him and to help others to do the same, remember that all men are brothers

As ever your loving brother